About Kase


Kase is a new and emerging brand of photographic filters and has been studied and developed on camera filters many years. As a product-centric company, Kase attracts consumers through its perfect and stable quality, has earned a great popularity throughout photographers all over the world. The design philosophy of Kase Filters is inspirited from Germany. Kase Filters are strictly technical style, offering high-transmittance results for products. We registered intellectual property rights in the majored countries, such as Germany, UK, China, US etc, for the further development in the future. We released Kase filters in local market of China in May, 2011. It aroused the interest by a large group of photography enthusiasts. In 2011, Kase has passed the extensive research and testing, and was rated as high-quality filter by China National Camera Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. Kase has also successfully applied for the European CE Safety Certification, the European RoHS Environmental Certification, and U.S. FCC Quality Safety Certification. Our company also owns multiple patents. We are willing to work harder and to provide the most professional and high-quality camera equipment for all the photographers in the world.

For creative analog and digital photography, KASE offers optical filters with the best image quality for a wide range of applications.

Special features:

• High-precision ground and fine-polished filter glass

• Precision-manufactured alluminum alloy mounts

• High-quality KASE coating systems

• KASE filter mounts for a wide range of applications

• Anti-static, mould proof 

Our new product which has anti-shock function. It can prevent breakage from droping to floor.