New Announcement// Kase Special Design MCUV Filter For Sony Lens

The MCUV Filter can be installed in front of the lens all the time. It protects the lens and is one of the most widely used filters. Kase Special Design MCUV Filter For Sony Lens can block dust and ultraviolet rays, prevent fingerprint and water droplets from invading, and high-definition imaging to give your lens a guarant..


I yearn for freedom, how about you?I used to think that dreams and freedom are far away.... But right now it is within my reach!A camera, a backpack, and Kase is all you need on your journey to fulfil your dreams of freedom!Enter to have a golden chance of winning the dream prize!1.Kase Globel Photography Contest is a wide range, long ter..

First impressions KASE Slim Filter (100mm-System) by Markus van Hauten

 During my latest trip I was able to test the new KASE Wolverine SLIM Filter (100mm-System). The weight savings per filter is around 40g and the thickness is 1.1mm compared to 2mm for the normal filters. They are very thin and light weight. I was wondering, how can these thin filter have the same optical properties as the 2..

Review---KASE IN NORWAY by Francesco De Marco

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Review Of Kase Filter Holder KitK8, slim series By Massimiliano Broggi

What's in the box?                                                                 Let's start from the beginning, saying what we will find once opened our Kase H..

[NEW VERSION] Kase Timber Case Smartphone

Help you getting more exciting experience when you are in Smartphone photographyAvailable option:iPhone X iPhone XSiPhone XRiPhone 7/8iPhone 7/8 plusiPhone 6iPhone 6 plusHUAWEI P20/P20 ProHUAWEI mate10/mate10 proHUAWEI P10/P10 plusHUAWEI mate9Features:* Specially designed phone case, easy to install and disassemble the smartphone len..

NEW ARRIVAL: Lens cap for Kase RX100 M6 magnetic filters

                                                                                  Brand: Kase            ..