[NEW RELEASED PRODUCT] Kase Wolverine 100mm Shock Resistant ND Filter ND64000(16 STOP) .

[NEW RELEASED PRODUCT]Kase Wolverine 100mm Shock Resistant ND Filter ND64000(16 STOP) Especially For Shooting the Solar Eclipse. Materail:KW optical glassAdvantages:high defination shock resistantscratch resistanyand almost unbreakableSuitable for achieve silky water, movement in the clouds, waterfall and shooting the solar..

Kase Wolverine 10 Stop Neutral Density Filter Review

Another year, and another professional grade filter company enters the demanding eye of photographers around the globe. 2018 sees the emergence of Kase Filters as a major competitor to the likes of NiSi, Lee, Haida, and Hitech-Formatt.But can Kase live up to the extremely high standards set by those that have come before them?The first of..

The Kase K-P1 Pro Black Compact Travel Aluminum Tripod, Smartphone, Action, And Mirrorless.

Tripod is an auxiliary tool or an indispensable photography tool?How to use a tripod to shoot professional pictures?People often thought a tripod is an auxiliary tool, so it is not a necessaory part in photography. This is a big mistake!  Because no matter uses SLR or mobile phone photography, a lot of effects all need the tripod to..

[Reccomendation]Lightweight photography tool-- Kase K8 KIT SLIM FILTERS HOLDER SYSTEM.

For reducce the burdens of travel photographers, Kase, under the exquisite produce sills and proficient design experiences, released the K8 filter holder with a 50% weight reduction in the market.  Kase wolverine slim series filters bings you more confortable tour experience.Kase K8 kit --filter holder system..

The Kase Filers Review by Robin Whalley.

The Best Landscape Photography Filter KitRecently, I’ve received a lot of emails all asking the same question - “What’s the best landscape photography filter kit to start with?” These emails aren’t the brand or make of filters, but which types of filters should people buy initially. In this article I want to set out my thoughts about..

Kase mobile phone lenses and tripod review

June 01, 2018 in Kase Filters, Kase MobileI first saw the Kase mobile phone lenses at the Photography Show, Birmingham in March. I didn't really get a chance to try them out, however immediately had an interest in them for two main reasons. First, at the Skye Photo Academy we run Phone Camera Workshops, s..

Kase Filters Review By Phil Starkey Photography

Kase Filters ReviewYou know when you have a piece of kit in your hands and you're so impressed with it that you think it'll be hard to beat? Well, I felt like that when I tried out the Haida filters if you remember, but after attending the Photography Show back in March I was contacted by Kase Filters UK and offered the ..

The Review Of Kase Wolverine Filters Review

Kase Wolverine Filters ReviewPlease Note: During the six (6) months between being asked to review these filters and the publication of this review, Kase appointed me one of their official Brand Ambassadors in the UK. This was due in part to the initial feedback I provided directly prior to completion of the review. However, this revi..