[NEW RELEASED PRODUCTS]Kase Cinema Filters For Cinemaphotographer and Filmmakers.

Why we need cinema filters in movie shooting?Why don't we just use some post-processing skills?Now, let's look at the following video, and know more something about cinema filters.Stability is the most we consider when taking a photo,while when shooting a movie, the object needs to be moving.If the film is a clear moment, then it ..

Kase ND filters VS Breakthrough ND filters in color cast and vignetting.

Today, we will show you some tests about different brands ND filters, Lets's see the result.The tests filters: 95mm 6 stop & 10 top ND filters---Breakthrough VS Kase.Tests Contents1)Color Cast2)Definition3)VignettingPart 1: Color Cast1.Tests gearsCanon 5D SLR, Cannon 70-200mm f/4L IS Lens, RRS TVC-24 Tripod,Arca-Swiss D4 Platform,..

Tips for choosing a right filters, help you to catch those stunning moments.

Part 1:What are camera filters and its advantages?Camera filters are some kinds of optical glass which can promote your photo colors and brings you more wonderful experience when you are shooting some amazing spot.With a camera filter, you can easily to work on any conditions, no matter rainy day or even shooting before the sun...

Light Weight Photography Gears---Kase Magnetic Series Filters & Holder Creates a perfect photography trip for you.

Kase Magnetic Series Filters & Holder Lightweight photography gear Creates a perfect photography trip for youAs a landscape or seascape photographer, we are always on the road for shooting a great picture.We always prepared all our gear for a nice shot, whenever far away or near our home.Camera, camera lenses, filters, tripo..

Kase Phone Case Works With Kase Phone Lens Series For iPhone6/S,  iPhone6S/6SP  iPhone7 / 8,iPhone7P/8P, iPhoneX.

ADVANTAGES1.Easy to mounted and dismounted.The phone case adopted copper ringsConcise and fashionable in appearance More portable and lighter, easy to carry onEasy to mounted and dismounted 2.Secure and environmental designMade of  TPU Materials3.Fully protect your phone and lensProtects it from drops and scratches.4.More profes..

Kase MCUV-AGC reduce the ultraviolet light, and protect the front element of your valuable lenses.

Features1.Brings you high definition image Made of AGC optical glass, which contains 98.4 % light transmittance, The filters surface is high parallelism, the internal molecular structure is stable and arranged in order, does not affect imaging definition and low color cast.  2.Multi-layer Coatings, high transmittanceThe filters ..

Does Post-production too difficult? How to handle the light problem in an easy way?

GND Filters--Gradual Gray FiltersToday, we are goona show you how to handle the light problem through an GND  filter.What is GND filters?I don't know if you have tried to shoot a normal ground exposure picture, while the sky is overexposed. So, it is hard to find the best value for both.The groud is normal exposure,the sky ..

NEW RECOMMENDATION---Kase Master Level-Telephoto Lens Kit For Mobile Photographers and Filmmakers.

Kase Master Level-Telephoto Lens Kit For Mobile Photographers and Filmmakers.