Kase Mobile Phone Lens II brings you a visual feast.

Ksase Mobile Phone Lens II can bring you the feelings of SLR camera, creat innovative effects and more convenient to carry on.There are some skills for to you to use Kase Mobile Phone Lens to take photos like ues SLR.First, let's look at the following video

Kase Mobile Phone Lens II (Wide Angle / Fisheye / Macro / Telephoto)

What really broke the boundaries of Mobile photo shooting?With the development of the internet, It is no doubt that mobile phone shooting function is richer . Moreover, the prices of the mobile phone is at a good value. So you can take photos whenever you want to take.Now, look at the following video. Then you will know why more..

K170II Filters Holder for Ultra Wide Zoom Lens Sigma 14-24mm f/2.8 DG HSM Art Lens

We all know that many photographers have this Ultra Wide Zoom Lens of Sigma 14-24mm f/2.8 DG  HSM Art Lens.  However, there isn't filters holder for this Lens before this passage. Kase Filters releases the K170II Filter Holder for Sigma 14-24mm f/2.8 DG  HSM Art Lens. Th..

Getting the shot: Rome--Kase Filters Review by Mathew Browne

Rome is arguably the most photogenic city in the world, and this view of Vatican City taken from Ponte Umberto I is one of the quintessential viewpoints in the city.Finding the spotPonte Umberto I crosses the Tiber from Lungotevere Tor di Nona on the south over to Piazza dei Tribunali (Supreme Court) on the north side. Looking to the west..


SHOWKASE: Steve Cheetham – 12 Days in JapanFacebook : Website As I turn fifty this year, I thought it was about time in my life that I should try to cross off some of the locations on my rather extensive bucket list.  One country that has always been pretty near the top of that list is Japan, inspired by the fantastic..

How To Use Kase K-P1 Tripod?

“Smartphone photography is on the rise, it is not just the camera in the smartphones that are getting better, accessories and add-ons are being introduced at an incredible pace and with amazing quality. Supplementary gadgets can vastly improve the performance of consumer mobile devices. Modern light gauges and high-en..

The Photography Show 2018 Live Report

Kase Filters First Experience in the Photography Show in Birmingham in UK Meet our Kase Filters UK team at Stand C73We build the perfect stage for a successful product presentation.And our Kase ambassadors and partners.Stephen Elliott, Greg Whitton, Andrew Yu, Andi Campbell-Jones, James Pedlar This ..