Kase Mobile Phone Lens II (Wide Angle / Fisheye / Macro / Telephoto)

What really broke the boundaries of Mobile photo shooting?

With the development of the internet, It is no doubt that mobile phone shooting function is richer . Moreover, the prices of the mobile phone is at a good value. So you can take photos whenever you want to take.

Now, look at the following video. Then you will know why more and more photographers tend to use mobile phone to take photos.

The video taken from :HUAWEI P20 Commercial: See Closer

Every time when you getting outside, it's more convenient to take the phone than to carry the lens and SLR. Because of photography is a joyful and enjoyable thingnot a heavy burden. However, how to make everyone become a photographer in a simple way and how to be an excellent photographer is a big issue today.

If there is the mobile phone lens can promote the photo’s quality but not impact the function. Furthermore, the price of the Lens is only 10%of the SLR Lens. Are you still hesitate to buy it?



50% increase in video viewing angle