Hot recommendation!!! The Kase Master Macro Lens For Smartphone & Elephoto Backpack

Part One:

The Elephoto Backpack,a durable light photography bag with large 

capacity,  to liberate your shoulder totally.


As a photographer, you need to climb the mountain and cross the sea with a pile of photography tools.

 So there are many photographers is looking for a photography backpack with lightweight, huge capacity

 and durable features. That is very useful in reducing the burden. But it is hard to get this kind of backpack. 


                                        A good photography backpack must have 4 advantages.

                              1. A good suspension system aims to against the press of the photography equipment.

                              2. With professional capacity can arrange the things perfectly.

                              3. Totally protect the backpack and have scratch resistant feature, which not only 

                                  show the durable advantage but also keep it in safe.

                             4. Quickly pick and place, so it is easy to access to photography equipment and supplies.

So Kase decides to recommend an excellent photography backpack for you guys.

Moreover, it must be your only choice to get it.

The reason is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Elephoto Photography bag information..jpg

So what are you waiting for????????????????????????????????

For selfie, travel, and documentary photographers, this is an episode of the #KaseFilters not to be missed!

Part Two:

The Kase Master Macro Lens For Smartphone For For Selfier,Mobile Photographers and Filmmakers.


Many people like to use the macro lens to shoot details for the present and show the beauty of nature.

The development of smartphone lenses has enabled more and more people to use smartphones to collect instants of life, and even more, which extended to the field of professional photography.


Large aperture brings fantastic depth of field


Precision focusing, native blurring

Regardless of the sharpening performance in coke or the degree of blurring outside of coke, it is satisfactory, and the background blurring effect by adding macros is more natural than that calculated using a mobile phone.


With this macro lens, the focusing distance can reach 75mm, and the mobile phone take macro thing is not a dream.

You need to be close to the flowers as usual, you don't have to be so close, then the bugs won't be scared away.

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