DJI Mavic Air 2 new member!

Today we have new member for DJI Mavic Air 2! The new GND 1.2 and night filter for Mavic Air 2 are here to allow more interesting creativity in your photography. Kase filters for Mavic Air 2KASE GND1.2 for Mavic Air 2Kase Night Filter for Mavic Air 2                        &..

[review] Is the Kase Mirror Filter worth buying?

All the photographer should know that there is a kind of lens, which can make the background of the photos have a dreamy doughnut effect. This kind of filter is what we usually call a mirror filter.Canon1DX Mark II 、f2.8、ISO:50、EV:-1、200mmAs known to all those who have used the mirror lens, the traditional mirror lens only has one a..

[review]Testing the mini-size Nikon14-24mm Rear ND Filter

Using camera filter are common for landscap photographers. The camere filter system are larger if you use larger wide angle lens.You will found there is no enough space for your backpack. And the weight is heavy of course.            There are no space for some lens to install rear filter. And you will f..

[new product] Kase MCUV for FUJIFILM X100V

With the launch of the FUJIFILM X100V camera, if come with a drip-proof and dust-proof function on its camera body. But the lens need protection too! Kase's R&D team has been working on a protective device which is not only  protect lens but also fit for external filter. Kase MCUV for FUJIFILM X1..

How to make a cinematic effect with small cost? Kase have a way!

 Are you still thinking, making a movie need to invest a lot in professional camera and equipment? With the creation of Kase, everything is changing.As the launch of the anamorphic lens, everyone can make movies by a mobile phone.There are more and more people turning to shooting and creating videos with their DSLRs. As pro..

Good news for Nikon FE800 users! Nikon FE800 MCUV set have launched!

The Nikon 800mm F5.6 has the longest autofocus focal length of the NIKKOR lens system and is specifically designed for sports events and wildlife photography. For such an expensive lens, a high quality  filer will make sure the image quality, and can provide comprehensive protection for the lens.MCUV Set for Nikon FE800The adapter ri..

[review]The case for Kase

Reviewed by Fred GramosoOriginal link: back groundIt's been already 8 years that I decide to become a full time photographer and five years now that I specialized in black & white time exposure. Thoughout those years, I have used many different types and brands of ND filte..

Kase Protecting Cap for K150P filter holder

We cost a lot for a wide angle lens, and the holder and filters are also expensive. So we need a protector for our lens and also the expensive filters.For this reason, now we launch a adapter protective cap for our K150P system. When you are not going to take off the adapter or the magnetic filter, you can put on the cap. The cap will pro..