【NEW】Better experience only for you-Kase Rear-mounted Filter

When the ultra-wide-angle lens uses the front-end filter, many landscape photographers complained, the camera + super wide-angle lens + scenery essential filter + various photographic equipment, they are too heavy! I want to reduce the burden, but I can't give up any!Having multiple filters for multiple lenses, especially if..

Kase K75 Filters Review, Another revolutionary filters from Kase by: Rafn Sig,-

I was so fortunate to be asked to perform a test on the new Kase Wolverine K75 1.1mm thick filters and it will surprise you how light they are, how tough they are, and most importantly how well they perform optically. As a professional Landscape and Documentary photographer that has spent the last 30 years photographing the Icelandic..

[NEW PRODUCT] Kase K100-K9 Filter Holder System

As we all know, with the launched of Kase K100-Slim(K8) holder, the square filter must be subverted to the tradition of 2.0mm. The K100-slim holder can be used with the 1.1mm ultra-slim square filter launched by the Kase! The Slim filter is also lighter and thinner! In the more than a year since the launch of the Slim filters, we have con..

A comprehensive first impressions review of our K75 holder from Dominic Byrne

Having recently bought the brand new Kase K75 filter system I thought I should share some of my initial thoughts. I am a professional photographer that has spent the past 12 years living and travelling overseas and have come to expect the best from the kit that I use knowing that it will need to earn it’s keep. For the majority of t..

【NEW MEMBER】Kase K75 Holder System

Kase Wolverine K75 1.1 glass is totally new, but still outstanding. We have taken the amazing optical standards of our 2mm systems and made it thinner and lighter. At 1.1mm these filters will surprise you with how light they are, how tough they are, and most importantly how well they perform optically. These are the perfect companion to y..

【NEW PRODUCT】Kase 12mm Ultra Wide-angle Smartphone Lens( Aspherical glass)

(Master level Ultra Wide-angle Lens)Now that the Smartphone has its own wide-angle/telephoto photography function, many people may think that it is not necessary to use an external lens. So let's first understand the function of the Smartphone camera. The usually shooting of the Smartphone is through a single main camera. Only in some..

Kase Magnetic Filters Review By Ted & Nune Fine Art Photography

Kase filters recently asked us to review their magnetic filters. Since we switched to using square filters, we were not sure that there is a way back to the circulars. Anyway, we did the tests.We received from Kase their 77mm Wolverine Circular Magnetic Kit, which included:· ND8+ND64+ND1000+CPL+Adapter+filter pouch· Magnetic c..


KASE WOLVERINE MAGNETIC CIRCULAR FILTERS REVIEWSWARNING! SOME FILTERS WERE DROPPED IN THE TESTING OF THESE FILTERS.I’ve been using Kase Filters circular system for some time now. The screw in circular system is a great, compact and robust system which is lightweight and perfect for me in the outdoors and dealing with ever changing w..