The Elephoto Photography backpack, , Multi functional Camera bag, Water-proof, Shock Resistance, and scratch resistant.

The Elephoto suspension system is to save the shoulders and waist of the “scenery photographer”


Sizes:Full size: height 60cm*width 36cm*thickness 30cm

                     Large liner size: height 40cm*width 30cm*thickness 18cm

                        Small liner size: height 30cm * width 30cm * thickness 18cm


Elephoto Backpack---A lightweight backpack for outdoor photography that is durable,

 lightweight and large capacity backpack so it doesn't hurt your shoulders.


Elephoto backpacks are particularly suitable for outdoor photography 

                                          enthusiasts. Because of careful design, continuous testing, and advanced 

materials, this not only protects your beloved camera and lens, but also 

                                          reduces your burdens.



                                           1.An excellent backpack for outdoor photography.

        A good suspension system - not only with well design, it is right for you,

        in line with your body shape, it can definitely reduce the physical loss of 

    action and delay the muscle fatigue caused by long distance marching

To say it is a system, it is because it is usually composed of brackets,

           shoulder straps, belts, load-bearing belts, chest straps, and pads and backs.


                                          2.Exquisiti design & Deluxe material.

          The construction is torn resistance Nylon, double TPU coatings, customize 

               YKK waterproof zipper and UTX-duraflex Fasteners,360-degree protect your 

                                              camera in the harsh environments.shuom.jpg

                                        3.Combination liner, professional capacity backpack,carry handle.

                                        4.Exquisite design of the details.

                                           The inner aluminum bracket  is made into an inverted “U” shape t

                                           hat conforms to the back fabric curve according to ergonomic principles,

                                           and forms a stable supporting body on the back—not only is it safe 

                                           and balanced, but also ensures that the body does not shake and 

                                           it can The load-bearing part of the backpack is transferred from the

                                            shoulder to the body, so that it is more efficient.


                                             5.Open the backpack from the back can be anti-theft, also it is very 

                                                 convenient to take something or protect our tools.

                                             6.An attached rain cover for inclement weather can be hidden away at the 

                                                base of the backpack.